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We are the small business debt specialists

Was your merchant cash advance legal? We review your contracts and terms and make sure your agreements are in line with state and county laws. Our legal team  has been helping small business owners restructure merchant cash advance loans, daily ACH loans, equipment loans, and lines of credit for over 9 years.


This program was designed, not as a beat the bank system, but for businesses that generally are struggling with their cash flow. The change in circumstance or your hardship, along with a cash flow analysis will be used to demonstrate to your lenders, the negative effect the debt is having on the business and your need for assistance.

We work with you in an administrative capacity; however, your plan is executed by the “Negotiations Team”, of professional negotiators. One will be specifically assigned to your file to engage your creditors and negotiate full and final settlements on your behalf, releasing the company and any personal guarantors of liability. As a senior advisor, you will be assigned 1 of 4 senior negotiators who work exclusively with my clients.

We specialize in restructuring and settling corporate debt. We provide a hardship based program for businesses struggling with high interest rate cash advances and other related business debts. Ultimately, our goal is to provide an immediate increase in your cash flow and then, settle your debts, at a reduced rate, through an affordable payment arrangement.

Approval is based on (3) factors; Suitability, Affordability & Sustainability. It’s all about putting you on a path to success and getting your business back on a level playing field with its finances. We do require an underwriting department render a decision on your file; approval typically takes about 24-48hrs. Again, this program was designed, not as a beat the bank system, but for businesses that generally are struggling with their cash flow.

There is NO upfront cost. The plan is designed to save you 22% or more off the principal debt after all costs associated with the plan. We charge a 10% service/enrollment fee, which is already included in your monthly payments. We make 35 cents on every dollar of savings you receive. The more you save, the more we make so it is in everyone has vested interest to settle the debt at the lowest rate possible.

Here is how it actually works


Our experts will analyze your business during a free phone call.


During this free consultation, we formulate a budget for you to follow, and work to protect your assets.


We then figure out which debts we can assist with and how to handle them. Each debt will get its own unique plan.

What our actual customers have to say

I took a merchant cash advance after I was not paid a big invoice from one of my suppliers.  I had no choice but to take $25,000 with short notice.  My daily payment was over $250 at a 49.9% interest rate! I took the loan to save my business but it almost put me out of business. Debtrelief IQ came in and not only restructured my payments but also negotiated the total outstanding debt. This was a lifesaver for my business, for me, and my family who depend on me. Cheers!

Mark Goodman

At the time when I spoke to Debtrelief IQ I had 2 merchant cash advance loans that I could not afford. I was missing payments all the while being harassed on a daily basis by the funding company. I reached out for help and they were able to reduce my payments and negotiate better terms with in about 4 days total. Very pleased with service.

Stephen Cross


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